Your dog is your best friend in the whole world. They deserve the very best you can give.

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Who We Are

We Love Your Best Friend, too.

Dogs give you so much. 

They give you a warm welcome home at the end of the day. They listen to all your woes. They soak up your love like a sponge, and give it back times 100. They are your companions, service dogs, flock guardians, police dogs, family protectors…

And they will love you from their first breath to their last.

We at Milo Tucker know how important your dog is to you, so we craft nothing but the best treats for them.

Treat Your Pup. Anytime, Anywhere!

There are many ways to order your pup's favourite treats! Call, text, email, or shop at our online store!


Happy Dogs, Happy Humans

Here are some of the great things our customers have to say!

Bark! Woof woof woof. Bark bark bark bark woof woof ruff. Woof! Woof woof, woof woof woof. Rrrrrrruff!

Fluffy, BC

I can't recommend these highly sought after treats enough. I'm a dog walker and my whole pack goes crazy for these things. I love that they are so easy to break up into smaller pieces for training. Also a major bonus that they are easily digested by almost all dogs. The best treats!

Nathalie May, BC

Keith called them dog crack, and he wasn't kidding. The dogs go crazy for them and I have to admit when I saw them and heard about how they were made, I wanted to try one!

Liz Anderson, BC

Our pup goes crazy for Milo Tucker Dog Treats! Keith and Cassie, the owners of Milo Tucker Dog Treats, walk him for us. They always have a pack on hand to give out, so Tucker has become the most popular dog in the dog park! As a fur Mom, I love that these treats are 100% beef liver, free of unwanted fillers. These are a new staple in our household!

Crystal Bowes, BC

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