Who We Are

Dog Treats
Tucker, waiting patiently for his 100% beef liver dog treats!

For two people who don't own a dog, Keith and Cassie sure have a lot to do with them.

Between them, Keith and Cassie have worn many hats. Keith has been a soldier, a biker, bricklayer, a personal security guard, a club bouncer, a photographer, a dog trainer, a devoted son looking after his elderly parents, and the loving Dad of two special needs children. Cassie has been a visual artist, a professional housekeeper, a devoted daughter, the loving Mom of those same children, and a professional writer and researcher compiling a forthcoming encyclopedia of dog breeds.


That's quite a mouthful.

These days, they walk a dog named Tucker who has found a lasting place in their hearts as a true friend. What has bloomed into a business started with an idea: what if we made his dog treats ourselves, out of 100% beef liver?

Tucker agreed it was a good idea.

With Tucker as our official taste-tester, we were soon asked to make some for other people's dogs...and our treats quickly became known around the park as "dog crack."

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