100% Ground Beef Jerky


  • Made with lean ground beef, with no fillers or preservatives
  • Approx. 140gm per bag
  • Vacuum sealed for a longer shelf life.
  • Cupboard Storage Life: 2-3 weeks
  • Fridge Storage Life: 6 months
  • Custom-sized bags available upon request.

“Lean ground beef (or hamburger) is a third lean protein commonly given to pets. Rich in essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins, lean ground beef is also an excellent diet food for pets.” (source: PetMD)

We hand-form our 100% Ground Beef Jerky, using only the ground beef with nothing else added. This way, the meat’s own stickiness acts as a natural binding agent, while ensuring that we introduce no potential allergens into our product. The strips can be easily broken apart so you can customize them according to your dog’s size.

**Please be advised: **Please be advised: While we often accept on-delivery payments, bulk orders of greater than 5 bags will require payment in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

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