100% Dehydrated Liver Treats


The Original Milo Tucker Dog Treat!

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“Liver is a nutrient-rich organ meat that most dogs readily eat. Liver can provide your dog with protein, fat and vitamin A, all of which help him stay healthy if offered in moderation. Liver is also a good source of copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. It provides many B vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and essential amino acids your dog needs from his diet to keep him healthy.” (source: Vetinfo)

We pride ourselves in being able to use locally sourced food-grade beef liver that we slice, dehydrate and prepare ourselves in the comfort of our own home. The liver is dehydrated at a low temperature for 16 hours, leaving it with a slightly chewy texture that dogs enjoy.

Our liver treats are made with 100% Dehydrated Beef Liver, with no additives. These are the original Milo Tucker Dog Treats, and are like crack for dogs. Your pup will come running for one of these tasty bites! Currently available in vacuum-sealed 140gm packs, or in larger or smaller format by special order.

**Please be advised: While we often accept on-delivery payments, bulk orders of greater than 5 bags will require payment in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

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